Frequently Asked Questions

Does my car need to be registered with Lakeview Property Management?

Yes, all residents’ cars must be registered. To register with Lakeview, go to the Homeowner portal page and click on the “Registration Link”.

Does my kayak or canoe need to be registered?

Yes, please go to the “Documents & Forms” page and download the Canoe Kayak Registration Form″. Complete the form and return via email or USPS. We will provide you with a registration sticker and storage location at the beach.

Please note, any kayaks or canoes located in the storage racks at the beach that do not have a registration sticker will be removed.

Do I need approval to replace or alter my doors, windows, fence, deck, or patio?

Yes, you do. Any work that affects the outside appearance of your home requires you to complete a Request for Approval Form (RFA) and submit it to the Board for approval. The RFA Form is available on the Documents and Forms page of the homeowners’ association website. To submit the completed RFA Form, please follow these steps:

Log in to your homeowner portal.
Select “Architectural Reviews”.
Select “Submit New Review”.
Upload the completed RFA Form.

For more information, please contact River Valley Property Management at 802-209-3232 or email Peter@RiverValleyPM.com